“A staggering 98% of small businesses are NOT Mobile Optimized!

- Study by ySplash

Get your web site ‘Mobile-Ready’ and primed for maximum lead flow and sales…

Did you know, 40% will click another mobile result if a website’s not mobile friendly (Icebreaker Consulting)? And 46% of mobile users say they are unlikely to return to a website they had trouble accessing from their phone and said they would visit a competitor’s site instead (Gomez).

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More than 15% of CareerJet’s job seeker traffic now comes from mobile devices. Thomas Busch, CTO, Co-Founder, Careerjet says…

“We’ve seen a 285% increase in mobile traffic in 2011. With mobile making a huge strategic impact, the company is allocating more and more resources to mobile development. Mobile is not a luxury but rather what users expect from a modern website today.”

Portrait of young woman communicating with her friends across th

Did you know that Mobile “traffic” is increasing by 3.5 percent per month (Televox)?

Moving to a ‘Mobile Ready’ website experience is THE transition ALL business owners are making now or will be forced to make later

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Preloved’s mobile users have quadrupled in the past year. What’s more, the mobile site has a better track record of matching buyers and sellers. Ian Buzer, Managing Director, of Preloved says:

“There’s been a 41% increase in conversion over the same time period, and with mobile usage continuing to grow, this is just the beginning for Preloved. Just a few months after launch, nearly 25% of all the buying and selling activity now takes place on our mobile site.”

Don’t let another potential customer slip away because your website is NOT Mobile-Ready. Let RemarkaMobile transform your old-school ‘desktop’ web site into a new-school ‘mobile‘ powerhouse. And the best part, there is absolutely no change needed to your existing website.

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Since the launch of their mobile-ready web site, Braden Hoeppner, VP of Web Sales for Coastal Contacts shares that…

“We’ve seen double digit growth in our mobile traffic and in mobile revenue, with steady progress projected for the future.”

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